Free Flex component: EditImage 0.3

by Marc

There is an update of the component.

Demo / Source

Just an other alpha release of EditImage with some work in it:

  • Introduced interfaces for EditImage and the tools
  • Quite frequently, I use EditImage as an image display and non of the tools are needed. That is the reason I disabled all tools by default. They are not initialized until a tool is enabled.
  • Squashed some bugs like correct resizing of EditImage and positions of cursor
  • More refactoring and more API documentation
  • First unit tests added but many more needed
  • EditImage.swc, API documentation (/tmp/ant-doc/index.html) and link-report (/tmp/ant-swf/EditImageReport.html) included in

What is still on the wish list?

  • As reported by Gireesh, when snap to top/left is disabled, the image can be move to any position on the screen.
  • More refactoring
  • Plug in new tools such as adding shapes, drawing with a pencil, adding text
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